Dedoplistskaro LAG

EU supported ENPARD II project "Promoting Citizen Engagement for Economic Development (PROCEED)” is implemented by HEKS/EPER Georgia in partnership with Biological Farming Association Elkana. The project started on December 1, 2016 and will last till the end of November, 2020.

The project aims at contributing to the reduction of poverty in the Dedoplistskaro Municipality of the Kakheti region in Eastern Georgia. One of the main components of the project is elaboration of transparent and fair grant applications’ evaluation procedures and implementation of grant component. To reach this objective the project team conducted widescale information campaign and number of community meetings with the various target groups of the society and supported foundation of the Local Action Group (LAG) at Dedoplistskaro, represented by 193 members.

In spring of 2017, with the assistance of PROCEED, ensuring provision of transparent and democratic procedures, the LAG members elected the president, vice-president, Board (10 representatives from the Civil Society and 9 from the local Government) and Grant Applications’ Evaluation Committee (CSP- 7 members-4 from the Civil Society and 3 from the local Government). LAG of Dedoplistskaro Municipality was officially registered as a non-entrepreneurial (non-Commercial) legal entity in June 2018. The LAG members elaborated and approved the statute and internal regulations for the responsible Bodies.

In parallel, based on the community needs assessment survey, the project facilitated elaboration of Local Development Strategy for Dedoplistskaro Municipality.  The document identifies three main directions - tourism, environment protection and business diversification, which are considered as a basis in the process of grant applications selection and evaluation process.

After announcement of the first call for grants, the project received around 250 concept notes (CNs) from 14 villages of Dedoplistskaro Municipality. Out of received CNs 95 have been selected for the consideration in the 2nd stage of the contest. To ensure submission of higher quality proposals, authors of selected CNs were invited for the “Project Proposal Writing Skills” training. At the end of the process, the Project received 70 full proposals out of which 32 grants have been approved and financed by the Grant Proposals’ Evaluation Committee and the Board in the following fields: tourism, agriculture, services, social and infrastructural projects.  On the current stage the process of procurement and projects’ implementation is ongoing.

The PROCEED Project continues cooperation with local Government and local as well as international organizations, operating in the Municipality to find out synergies in development perspectives of Dedoplistskaro Municipality. To gain and share an experience from the ongoing projects, which are implemented by the various ENPARD partners, PROCEED organizes cross visits in other regions of Georgia (Kazbegi, Lagodekhi, Borjomi) and exchange visits in Romania LAG areas (the back-stopper) for the LAG members.

To cover all target groups of the society, PROCEED team plans to organize non-cost activities, such as squares cleaning with the involvement of local youth. To ensure active engagement of youth in the development of their own communities, “Capacity Building” and “Environment Protection” trainings are planned.

The second call for proposals is planned to be announced by PROCEED in 2019 year.

For additional information about the organization please visit :დედოფლისწყაროს-ადგილობრივი-სამოქმედო-ჯგუფი-Dedoplistskaro-LAG-423240328108803/