Wed, 18 Jan 2023

New for 2023 Publication: EU CAP 2023-27 – 28 CAP Strategic Plans at a glance

CAP Strategic Plans support a wide range of interventions addressing the specific needs of EU countries and their territories. Designed in line with a new result- and performance-oriented approach, they aim to deliver tangible results in relation to EU-level CAP specific objectives, while contributing to the European Green Deal.

CAP Strategic Plans encourage the transition towards a smart, sustainable, competitive, resilient and diversified agricultural sector, while ensuring long-term food security. They also contribute to climate action, the protection of natural resources and the preservation/enhancement of biodiversity, as well as strengthen the socio-economic fabric of rural areas.

The Commission reviewed all 28 CAP Strategic Plans and put together a summary of the actions taken by EU countries to meet the specific objectives. Access full text.